All products from Innovation ™ features high level of functionality, elegant design combined with a concern about human health. Orthopedic sofa beds have high strength and durability as well as all elements of its base are made of durable stainless steel. Sofa beds with orthopedic mattress by Innovation manufactured using a special technology, with an outer layer of natural cotton that allows you to maintain a comfortable body temperature in any season. In addition Innovation sofa beds provide comfort and ease of use. Through carefully designed furniture and high quality manufacturing of any sofa with an orthopedic mattress, Innovation can rightly be considered the most comfortable in the world.

Elegant and stylish modern sofa beds from our unique collection of the world-famous brand "Innovation". All  sofa beds from "Innovation USA" are comfortable  to sleep and even more to sit on. Built-in mattress on all sofa beds is equipped with special springs to create an even more comfortable for sleeping and sitting, as it was during the holiday you spent the day restoring the strength and energy. Upholstery will blend seamlessly with any interior, not only your bedroom or living room, but also in the office.Sofa beds from Innovation - for those who appreciate style, quality and comfort.

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